Trace Gallagher Reveals the Purported ‘Sugar Brother’ Who’s ‘Bailing Out’ Hunter by Paying $2 Million in Delinquent Taxes

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Fox News chief breaking news correspondent Trace Gallagher disclosed new details surrounding Hunter Biden’s purported “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris, who is “bailing out” Joe Biden’s son by paying two million dollars in delinquent tax money owed to the U.S. government and is reportedly also working to “craft a legal media strategy” regarding Hunter’s infamous laptop.

Gallagher issued his report while appearing on Jesse Watters’ Monday program.

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“This sugar brother is an entertainment lawyer named Kevin Morris, who’s not only paying Hunter Biden’s delinquent two million dollar tax bill — CBS reports that he is also financing Hunter Biden’s high-end Los Angeles lifestyle, including a rental house in Malibu and expenses,” Gallagher stated.

“Morris has apparently made most of his fortune by striking a 500 million dollar licensing deal for the creators of the show South Park,” he continued. “He also co-produced the hit Broadway musical Book of Mormon and has written a few novels.”

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“The big question, of course, is why he’s been bailing out Biden, and the answer seems to be that Kevin Morris is now working as Hunter Biden’s attorney and trusted advisor helping him craft a legal media strategy,” reported Gallagher. “Now, Morris is also working on a Hunter Biden documentary, which includes a forensic investigation into Biden’s infamous laptop, including how the device became public. Of course, that’s not really much of a mystery considering Biden left it at a repair shop and never picked it up.”

“We should note that Kevin Morris does not appear to be legally involved in Hunter Biden’s ongoing criminal investigation in Delaware. A grand jury has been hearing testimony in that case for months, and it’s still unclear if paying off Biden’s two million dollars in back taxes will make it more difficult to prosecute him.”

“Finally, we should not that Kevin Morris, who has long donated money to Democratic causes, is also helping to guide sales of Hunter Biden’s artwork,” reported Gallagher.

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