State Sen. Wendy Rogers Reacts As Maricopa County Settles With Arizona Senate: “Summary: We Won”

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Maricopa County Board of Supervisors agreed to settle with the Arizona State Senate on Friday after failing to comply with a subpoena related to the 2020 election audit.

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann (R) had initially sought ballot envelopes or ballot envelope images; user names, passwords, and security keys for election machines; voter records; routers or router images; and splunk logs, as previously reported by The Freedom Times. Maricopa County officials, however, resisted the Senate subpoena, which then sparked an investigation by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

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AG Brnovich determined in his investigation that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) violated state law for failing to comply with the Arizona Senate’s legislative subpoena related to the 2020 election audit, and he warned them to resolve the violation within 30 days or risk losing millions of dollars of their revenue share from the state.

On Friday, Sen. Fann posted a statement to her Twitter account indicating Maricopa County reached a settlement with the Arizona Senate, where they agreed to the initial demands of the subpoena.

“Under threat of losing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue sharing, today Maricopa County settled with the State Senate, in a victory for election integrity and the Arizona taxpayer,” state Senate President Karen Fann said a statement. “The agreement sets up a Special Master paid for by the County, who will get the answers to questions the Senate has had concerning the routers and splunk logs used in the 2020 election.”

AZ Senate President Karen Fann’s Official Statement

The statement went on to read, “In addition, the county has agreed to drop its notice of claim of $2.8 million to replace election equipment delivered to the Senate required in the January subpoena.”

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers summed up the settlement in one simple statement.

“Summary: We won,” Sen. Rogers tweeted. “They dropped their $2.8 meaningless claim for the machine replacement. We get the routers and spunk logs. Cyber Ninjas has full access. Maricopa caved.”

Moments later, Sen. Rogers blasted the “Fake News” in Arizona, suggesting they are in “meltdown mode” over the settlement.

In ending, here are three main points Sen. Rogers said are “all you need to know” about what the Maricopa County settlement means: