Greg Kelly: “I Still Don’t Know What ‘The Kraken’ Is…But I’m Hearing It’s About To Happen”

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Newsmax host Greg Kelly reignited speculation over the meaning behind attorney Sidney Powell’s so-called “Kraken’ that she has referred to on several occasions during her investigation into alleged fraud in the 2020 election.

Social media was sent into a frenzy back in November when Ms. Powell insisted that she is “going to release the Kraken” on all entities and people who were involved in the alleged effort to “overthrow” President Trump through manipulating America’s voting system.

Powell has since described ‘the Kraken’ as a “mythical sea monster that can destroy anything in its path,” and first heard the term from a line in a movie.

“I have been released to go after all of the fraud I can see and find,” Powell told Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield just two weeks ago.

And now that President Trump is reportedly considering naming Powell as special counsel to investigate massive irregularities and potential foreign interference on the U.S. election, it’s becoming more clear to Greg Kelly that we will soon know just how significant of a role “the Kraken” will have in terms of the overall integrity of the 2020 election.

Kelly tweeted: “I still don’t know what “the Kraken” is—could be from some Movie that I missed. Whatever it is —-it’s supposed to “change the game” when it gets here. Have heard it’s coming “any minute now” for 6 weeks. BUT now I’m hearing it’s about to REALLY HAPPEN. AND I BELIEVE IT.”

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In ending, here is a clip from Sidney Powell’s interview from two weeks ago, where she describes “the Kraken”: