Donald Trump Jr.: “This Is Why They’re Really Trying To Impeach My Father”

Donald Trump Jr.Telegram Video Screen Shot

Donald Trump Jr. posted a video montage on Thursday that, according to him, explains the true motive behind why Democrats are so persistent in trying to impeach his father, even after his term as President has ended.

“If you watch til the end, you’ll figure out just why they want to impeach Donald Trump,” Don Jr. said at the beginning of a the video he posted to Telegram.

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“It’s to prevent him from ever running it again. They say it in their own words, live, because they understand that he speaks for Americans and not for the special interests,” he added. “They understand that he speaks for the working class — not the elite and not the Washington establishment.”

“Watch the video. I think it will put everything in a whole different light,” Trump Jr. said before rolling the montage.

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