Trump Rips John Kerry: ‘He’s Worried the Ocean Will Rise 1/100th of 1% over the Next 300 F***ing Years’

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45th President Donald Trump blasted John Kerry’s ideology on climate change with an F-bomb at Saturday’s “Save America Rally” in Georgia.

The former president was voicing his disgust with Democrats’ prioritizing clean-air policies during a time when there are global nuclear threats.

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“This is the single-most dangerous time for our country in history — far more dangerous than World War I or World War II and that’s because of the power of nuclear weapons. And yet, you have people like John Kerry worrying about the climate!” Trump said.

“I heard that the other day… threatening us. He’s worried about the ocean will rise 1/100th of 1% over the next 300 f**king years.”

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Trump addressed a wide-range of other topics, including alleged election irregularities that have been uncovered in Georgia since the 2020 election, amd he vowed to “rescue the state of Georgia from the RINOs” and “the Radical left.”

The 45th President wrapped up his speech in classic fashion, as he danced to the “YMCA.”