‘A New Low’: Biden’s Approval Falls to 40% & 63% Disapprove of his Handling of the Economy, NBC Poll Finds

[Image: National political correspondent Steve Kornacki of MSNBC reports Joe Biden's low approval numbers -- MSNBC video screenshot.]

79-year-old Joe Biden’s approval numbers has fell to the lowest level of his presidency, according to a new NBC News poll conducted March 18-22.

55% of adults in the poll disapprove of Biden’s performance, while only 40% approve. 71% of Americans said they believe the nation is headed on the wrong track, and 63% disapprove of the way Biden is handling the economy, the poll found.

“Well over 50% disapprove” of Joe Biden, national political correspondent Steve Kornacki of MSNBC reports:

Kornacki says it’s “a new low” for Biden as the “cost of living” and “jobs and economy” are the top concerns among voters:


The NBC News poll also found 46 percent of registered voters preferring a Republican-controlled Congress, compared to 44 percent who said they want Democrats in charge. The 2-point GOP lead — within the poll’s margin of error — is the first the Republicans have held on this question since 2014, according to NBC News.

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