Bongino Rips Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan: ‘What the Hell Did They Actually Build Back at All?’

Bongino, BidenFox Video Screenshots

Dan Bongino blasted Joe Biden’s so-called promise to “Build Back Better” with several burning questions on Saturday.

“What the hell did they actually build back at all? What have they built back better?” the Unfiltered host questioned.

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“They haven’t built back anything. Everything they built back, they built back worse. Ladies and gentlemen, what’s better?” Bongino asked his audience before pointing out skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, the crisis at the border and conflicts oversees. “What exactly is better since [Biden] got into office?”

“Seems like every time Biden focuses on a problem and tries to build back better, he doesn’t build back anything and the problem gets a whole lot worse,” declared Bongino.

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