Candace Owens On Biden’s ‘You Ain’t Black’ Remarks: “If You Didn’t Support Hillary In 2016, You Ain’t Woman”

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Candace Owens blasted Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black” remarks he made on Friday, which ignited a virtual firestorm.

Biden was met with instant backlash after he claimed during a live-stream with radio show host Charlamagne Tha God from “The Breakfast Club”, that if you support President Trump “then you ain’t black.” He eventually walked back the statement.

Upon learning of Biden’s remarks, Candace brought forth a notion from the 2016 election involving women choosing not to vote for Hillary Clinton and applied it to what Biden suggested during his interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

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“If you didn’t support Hillary in 2016, #YouAintWoman,” Candace tweeted. “If you don’t vote for @JoeBiden in 2020, #YouAintBlack.”

“If you still can’t see that the Democrats are exactly what they accuse everyone else of being, #YouAintSmart,” she declared.

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Candace Owens’ Official Tweet

Moments later, Mrs. Owens issued a message directed specifically at Joe Biden and the black community.

Candace tweeted:

In ending, here are a couple more reactions to Biden’s remarks: