Biden on Inflation: ‘Look, I Know You Gotta be Frustrated. I Know. I can Taste it’

[Image: Joe Biden -- Twitter video screenshot.]

While delivering remarks from a teleprompter on Tuesday, 79-year-old Joe Biden said that he “can taste” how “frustrated” Americans are with inflation.

“Look, I know you gotta be frustrated. I know. I can taste it,” he said.

Biden on tasting frustration:

Meanwhile, gas prices hit a new all-time high on May 10, 2022, amid rising inflation and Biden’s restrictions on oil and gas production.

According to AAA’s average gas price calculator, the national average cost of a regular gallon of gasoline hit $4.374 on Tuesday, the highest ever according to AAA.

According to Yardeni Research, increased oil costs suggest the average American household will pay almost $2,000 more for gasoline in 2022, according to a March research note. Continued Below

When asked by a reporter on Tuesday if he takes any responsibility for the inflation in this country, the career politician said “no” and claimed the Democrats’ “policies have helped, not hurt”.

He also acknowledged, however, that Democrats “control all three branches of government”, but blamed Republicans for essentially not passing his agenda.


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