Dan Bongino on Skyrocketing Fuel Prices: ‘What’s Happening Right Now Is Intentional’

BonginoFox Video Screenshot

Dan Bongino made the case on why the sharp increase in fuel prices is an “intentional” act by Democrat leadership that has been planned for a long time.

The Unfiltered host tied the Biden Administration’s “energy suicide plan” back to Barack Obama’s presidency, and provided clips from both Democrat-led administrations to back it up.

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“It’s hard to ignore the energy crisis happening around the world right now,” the Unfiltered host said. “Every time you go to the gas station and fill up your tank, you’re reminded of the ongoing damage to your wallets and your pocketbooks.”

He continued: “I wish I could tell you the Biden Administration’s failure to fix this is because they are incompetent. They are incompetent of most everything else. But the truth is what’s happening right now is intentional.”

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