Doocy To Psaki: Why Is There A Mandate ‘For People At A Business’, But Not ‘For Migrants At Southern Border?’

[Image: Fox News' correspondent Peter Doocy -- Fox News Twitter video screenshot. WH press secretary Jen Psaki -- CBS News Twitter video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

78-year-old Joe Biden announced a plan that could potentially force millions of unvaccinated Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine but did not mandate the vaccine for illegal aliens crossing the border. He said on Thursday that all employers with more than 100 employees and federal workers will be forced to either require their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 or mandate weekly testing for the virus.

During a Friday White House briefing, Fox News’ correspondent Peter Doocy grilled press secretary Jen Psaki over illegal migrants not being required to be vaccinated at the southern border, when working Americans and children are being required to.

“Why is that you’re trying to require anybody with a job or anybody that goes to schools get a COVID-19 vaccine, but you’re not requiring that of migrants who continue walking across the southern border, coming into the country?” Peter Doocy pressed Jen Psaki.

Psaki responded: “Well, look. Our objective is to get as many people vaccinated across the country as humanly possible. And so, the president’s announcement yesterday was an effort to empower businesses, to give businesses tools to protect their workforces. That’s exactly what we did. But certainly, we want everybody to get vaccinated, and more people are vaccinated, whether they are migrants or they are workers — protects more people in the United States.”

Doocy followed up: “It’s a requirement for people at a business with more than 100 people, but it’s not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. Why?”

Psaki deflected, but replied, “That’s correct”. Video Below

Peter Doocy’s exchange with Jen Psaki:

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Joe Biden stopped short of mandating the vaccine for illegal aliens attempting to cross the southern border, even though about 30% of immigrants held at federal detention facilities are refusing to be vaccinated — and they have the option to refuse.

Meanwhile, more than 18% of migrant families who recently crossed the border tested positive for COVID before being released by Border Patrol. Another 20% of unaccompanied minors tested positive for the virus.

45th President Donald J. Trump highlighted the concern in an email statement last month from his “Save America” PAC, insisting, “This is what a Rigged and Corrupt Presidential Election gets you!”

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