Donald Trump On The Southern Border: “This Is Far More Than A Crisis—Our Country Is Being Destroyed!” 

[Image: 45th President Donald Trump speaks at the North Carolina Republican Party Convention June 5, 2021-- C-SPAN video screenshot.]

The 45th President issued a statement Wednesday evening via email from his “Save America” PAC regarding the crisis at the southern border since leaving office.

Former President Donald Trump’s statement comes ahead of his expected trip this month to the border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) along with a dozen members from the Republican Study Committee (RSC).

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America:

There has never been, in our Country’s history, a Border catastrophe like what is currently taking place at our Southern Border. All Biden had to do is leave it the way it was, by far the strongest Southern Border our Country has ever had.

Millions of people will now be streaming into our Country unchecked, unvetted, and unknown. Other countries are emptying their prisons with their worst criminals flowing into our Country. Drugs, gangs, and fugitives are pouring in every day. Hospitals, schools, communities, and police are overwhelmed.

This is far more than a crisis—our Country is being destroyed! 

Meanwhile, it was reported on Wednesday that Kamala Harris will finally travel to the southern border– El Paso, Texas, on Friday– alongside Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Harris was tapped by Joe Biden more than three months ago to be border czar. Continued Below

Following the announcement of Harris’ trip to the border, former President Donald Trump said in a statement earlier Wednesday afternoon that his planned border trip with Gov. Greg Abbott and the Republican Study Committee was what finally pushed Harris to make the journey down south, to “see the tremendous destruction and death” caused by Biden’s policies.

“After months of ignoring the crisis at the Southern Border, it is great that we got Kamala Harris to finally go and see the tremendous destruction and death that they’ve created—a direct result of Biden ending my very tough but fair Border policies,” President Trump said.

Trump added: “Harris and Biden were given the strongest Border in American history. And now, it is by far the worst in American history. If Governor Abbott and I weren’t going there next week, she would have never gone!” Continued Below

Screenshot of President Donald Trump’s Wednesday email statements:

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