Dr. Kelli Ward: Delegations From 10 States Have Now Examined & Toured AZ’s Audit Operation

In her latest update, Arizona GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward discussed “important progress being made” as she signaled the Maricopa County forensic audit is approaching the time when “a final report will be made to the Arizona state senate.”

Among the most important developments, Dr. Ward indicated that delegations from 10 states have examined Arizona’s audit operation and the facilities where it’s being conducted.

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The visit by state delgations is a clear sign that forensic audits, just like in Arizona, could soon be underway in those states.

“As of today delegations from Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alaska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, the state of Washington and Michigan have toured the audit operations and are looking at what should and must be done in their own states to ensure election integrity,” Ward said before providing key ‘milestones’ that have been in Arizona’s audit process.

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