Sen. Mastriano Declares There Is ‘Mounting Evidence’ That PA Election Was ‘Compromised’; Introducing New Resolution

[Image source: Right Side Broadcasting News video screenshot. Newsmax video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano (R) announced on Twitter Saturday the introduction of a new resolution to appoint delegates to the Electoral College in the wake of what he says is “mounting evidence” that the presidential election was “compromised” by election fraud.

“There is mounting evidence that the PA presidential election was compromised,” declared Mastriano. “If this is the case, under Article II, Section 1.2 of the US Constitution, the state legislature has the sole authority to direct the manner of selecting delegates to the Electoral College.”

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano’s tweet:

Mastriano pointed out that the “power” to appoint delegates is meant as a means to make sure that the people “are not disenfranchised” against “corruption” in a  state’s election process.

“This power was given to the state legislature for the purpose of safeguarding the appointment of our President, specifically contemplating corruption and ensuring that the people are not disenfranchised through a corrupt election process,” Mastriano wrote in another tweet.

“Therefore, we are introducing a Resolution to exercise our obligation and authority to appoint delegates to the Electoral College,” he announced. Continued Below

Senator Doug Mastriano’s tweet’s:

Senator Doug Mastriano also revealed a screenshot Friday afternoon of “Pennsylvania official votes” which was posted on the “Department of State dashboard but had since been deleted”:

*UPDATE* Saturday afternoon, Senator Mastriano announced he will be on “Fox & Friends” on Sunday morning “to discuss” the “resolution disputing the 2020 general election”.

Video Below

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano said during an interview on Newmax that the Pennsylvania legislature must re-assert its constitutional authority on presidential electors. Watch:

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