Watch: Vernon Jones Hand-Delivers MyPillow To Gov. Kemp’s Mansion To Protest Lindell Being Barred From Convention

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Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones held firm on his promise to deliver MyPillows to Gov. Brian Kemp’s mansion in protest of Mike Lindell getting barred from attending a Republican governor’s convention at the end of May.

Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow, was turned away from the event  after he vowed to confront both Gov. Kemp and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey over election integrity.

In response, Vernon Jones tweeted:

“Yesterday, @BrianKempGA had MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell escorted out of an event for criticisms he made re: his handling of the election.

“So today, I’m taking a stand against Cancel Culture and showing support for #MyPillow by sending a box of MyPillows to the Governor’s Mansion.

“Conservatives don’t cancel folks for having differences of opinions. Liberals do.

“And conservatives certainly don’t have patriots kicked out of their events.”

Just days after making the statement, Jones uploaded a video of Twitter showing him following through and attempting to deliver an entire box of MyPillows to the governor’s mansion.

As it appeared there no one around to let him in, Jones decided to stuff just one MyPillow in the gate with a note attached to let Gov. Kemp know Vernon was there.

“The next time you decide to kick a patriot like Mike Lindell out of an event, I hope you’ll think twice and remember: conservatives don’t cancel folks for having differences of opinion. Liberals do,” Jones captioned his video. See Below