Leo Terrell on Why Democrats Continue Pushing Masks: “It’s a Form of Control & They Want to Scare the American Public”

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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell weighed in on the national debate over whether or not masks should continue to be worn in schools along with other public places where masks have been mandated throughout the pandemic.

Now that a vaccine is widely available, Mr. Terrell considers the mask as nothing more than a “form of control” by the Biden administration to “scare the American public”. And he urged Americans to “take those masks off,” while demanding that the government “stop the control.”

Appearing on Justice With Judge Jeanine, Mr. Terrell stated as follows:

“The mask is a form of control. The Democrats do not want the masks to go away.

“That’s why Joe Biden is fumbling around with the mask. That’s why Kamala Harris is kissing her husband with a mask — they’ve been vaccinated. Do you know why? It’s a form of control and they want to scare the American public.

“The American public have figured it out. They’re not afraid of the pandemic anymore. They’re vaccinated. And of all places, the schools are the safest place. Take those masks off. Stop the control.” Video Below