Tomi Lahren On Biden’s Fear Of Getting In ‘Trouble’: “He’s Terrified” Of “Who Might Lock Him In That Basement Again”

Tomi Lahren, BidenFox Video Screenshot, Archived Video Screenshot

Tomi Lahren weighed in on why she thinks Joe Biden has repeatedly expressed fear of getting into ‘trouble’ while making public appearances and taking questions from the press.

Biden suggested he was ‘in trouble’ when struggling to find his mask after speaking at a drive-in rally in Georgia. He also recently mentioned that he’s “really gonna be in trouble” after he took additional questions from the press.

Take A Look:

In response, Tomi Lahren stated as follows on Saturday’s airing of Justice With Judge Jeanine:

“At first I thought that maybe Nancy Pelosi was going to be angry with him, maybe Kamala was going to be angry. At the end of the day… he has to push the leftist agenda. He’s terrified. I don’t know who’s going to put him in timeout — who’s gonna lock him back in that basement again — but he’s terrified.

“He’s just like, ‘Please, let me come out of the basement. Let me be around the American people. I’ll wear my mask, that’s fine… Just let me out of the basement!'” Video Below