Leo Terrell Explains Why Democrats Are ‘Afraid Of Black Conservatives More Than Any Other Group’

Leo TerrellFox Video Screenshot

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell gave a brief explanation for why he feels that Democrats “are afraid of black conservatives more than any other group.”

“The reason is simple,” Leo tweeted.

“Democrats cannot win a flea fight without black votes. Therefore, they demonize black conservatives by calling them Derogatory names. I am happy I left the Democratic plantation,” Mr. Terrell wrote.

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Mr. Terrell often accuses Democrats of playing the “race card” as a strategy for various power grabs.

And every day, Leo challenges the Joe Biden with two burning questions regarding “systemic discrimination” as shown in this Friday tweet, which comes on 85th day of the Biden Administration.

In ending, here is a recent video of Mr. Terrell explaining to Sean Hannity why former President Donald Trump actually increased the number of minorities in the Republican party.