Judge Jeanine to Biden: “It’s Time for You to Figure Out a Way to Be a Leader & Not a Deceiver”

Judge Jeanine, BidenFox Video Screenshot, The Hill Video Screenshot

Judge Jeanine Pirro called on Joe Biden to “be a leader and not a deceiver” during her Saturday night commentary on JUstice With Judge Jeanine.

Jeanine’s remarks centered around the “mixed, inconsistent, contrary, scientifically-flawed” messages Biden and the CDC have sent to the American people regarding masks.

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“Americans deserve a leader. We were promised a leader. We were promised a uniter,” Judge Jeanine said. “Instead what we now have, who appears to be a confused individual, who isn’t even capable of telling us the truth about why masks or vaccines are effective.”

She continued, “Joe, it’s time for you to figure out a way to be a leader and not a deceiver, to figure out a way to start telling Americans the truth, and — as your former boss often said — to give Americans hope.”

“It’s time for you to take the mask off and show us who you really are,” Judge Jeanine concluded. Video Below