Burgess Owens On Biden’s Speech: “What We’re Seeing Is A Weak President”

Burgess Owens, BidenNewsmax Video Screenshots

Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT) thinks that President Joe Biden’s first-prime address to the nation only exposed just how “weak” of a president he is.

In his speech, Biden appeared to take all of the credit for the U.S. being in a position to defeat the coronavirus, and failed to acknowledge accomplishments of the Trump Administration related to the quick availability of vaccines for millions of Americans.

Biden also signaled that Independence Day is the goal date to “mark our independence from this virus,” but in the same breath cautioned against holding large gatherings on that day.

“[What] I saw is weak,” Owens said. “I think what we’re seeing, my friends, is a weak president — weak in present and presence, weak in presentation.”

And the fact that he’s not talking to We the People says he’s afraid to talk to We the People. The fact that we have — right now around the Capitol — walls, I mean, fences with razor wire — not saying a thing about it.

“We have an opportunity to move forward, like we always have done, with faith and aggressive…taking risks, or we can go the route we’re now looking at, which is fear and weakness. And I think we’re going to see a lot more of this, and the American people aren’t going to be very happy when they understand what’s going on.” Video Below


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In ending, here is Sean Spicer’s reaction to Biden’s speech: