Jesse Watters on Giuliani Getting Raided: “This Is Just Payback for Rudy Blowing Up the President’s Son’s Scandal”

Jesse Watters, Rudy GiulianiVideo Screenshots

Jesse Watters is convinced that the recent federal raid on Rudy Giuliani’s office and apartment is a direct “payback”

Watters made the assertion during Friday’s airing of The Five.

“When I saw this raid, I thought to myself, ‘This is just payback for Rudy blowing up the President’s son’s scandal,'” Jesse said.

He continued, “And then they’re gonna go in there and they’re gonna seize his electronics and they’re gonna have a road map to see how this scandal happened. And they’re gonna mop it up.”

“There’s no way Hunter’s ever gonna get charged with anything by Biden’s Department of Justice and everybody knows that now,” Watters proclaimed. “And everybody also knows for a FARA violation, you don’t kick down doors and seize people’s computers. You do that for drug traffickers or flight risks.”

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