AZ Sen. Rogers Rips Biden’s ‘Feckless, Reckless’ Approach to Afghanistan: “Absolutely Devastating”

Wendy Rogers, BidenReal America's Voice Video Screenshot, Fox Video Screenshot

“Feckless, reckless… absolutely vacuous approach,” Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers replied when asked how she feels Joe Biden has represented America in wake of the tragic events that have unfolded in Afghanistan.

Sen. Rogers, who served in the U.S. Airforce for 20 years, gave her assessment of the situation while appearing for an interview with Steve Bannon on Real America’s Voice.

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“It telegraphs everything weak and woke about our military, about our country. It’s devastating,” Sen. Rogers proclaimed.

“It reminds me of Saigon 1973,” she added. “It’s just such a tragedy. And it was unnecessary. We could have done it much more skillfully.”

“And all of this equipment to fall into enemy hands, it’s beyond the pale,” Sen Rogers declared. Video Below