Joe Concha on Behar Criticizing Tim Scott: “This Woman…Who Once Dressed Up In Blackface Is Lecturing A Black Sitting Senator About What Race Means?”

Tim Scott, Joy Behar, Joe ConchaFox Video Screenshots, The View Video Screenshot

Fox News contributor Joe Concha issued a bold reaction to The View co-host Joy Behar criticizing and lecturing Sen. Tim Scott about racism following his Wednesday night address.

“Tim Scott — he does not seem to understand and a lot of them don’t seem to understand the difference between a racist country… and systemic racism. They don’t seem to get the difference,” Behar said during Thursday’s episode of The View.

“The fact that Tim Scott can not acknowledge this is appalling,” she added.

In response, Joe Concha stated as follows on Saturday’s airing of Justice With Judge Jeanine:

“Well, this woman is a TV host who once dressed up in blackface…remember…who lives in the Hamptons — which, at last check, is quite white — is lecturing a Black sitting senator from the south about what race means. And that is funny.

“I think they call that whitesplaining and it’s quite pathetic.” Video Below


In ending, here is a side-by-side photo of Joy Behar wearing blackface, as described by Joe Concha: