Biden Claims Black Entrepreneurs ‘Usually’ Don’t Have Lawyers, Leo Terrell Reacts: ‘He’s Lost It’

Biden, Leo TerrellFox Video Screenshots

“He’s in a 1950 time warp,” Fox News contributor Leo Terrell said in response to Joe Biden doubling down on the notion that Black entrepreneurs don’t have lawyers.

“There’s no difference between a Black entrepreneur and a White entrepreneur on success, except the Black entrepreneur usually doesn’t have a lawyer,” Biden said in a recent speech delivered in South Carolina.

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In reaction, Leo Terrell stated as follows:

His vice president is a lawyer, I’m a lawyer. There is plenty of Black lawyers. This guy is not all there. He’s lost it. He’s actually lost it because what this does, it insults Black professionals. It insults Black doctors, Black lawyers, Black teachers, Black professionals.

Joe Biden is just not all there. It’s so obvious. But what’s so sad about it is he uses Black voters to get him elected and then look what has happened in these Democratic cities — Black on Black crime. Who’s being hurt by all of this crime? People of color. Schools are being closed. Who’s being hurt by schools being closed? People of color. This guy is bad for America and bad for Black Americans. Video Below