April Ryan Claims Sen. Cruz ‘Abandoned’ His Dog When Going To Cancún, Grenell Fact Checks Her: “So Reckless”

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Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell knocked down a claim made by CNN analyst April Ryan in regards to Sen. Ted Cruz’s brief trip to Mexico.

Ryan suggested that Sen. Cruz and his family “abandoned their dog” when they decided to leave on a impromptu vacation to Cancún on Wednesday to escape the severe effects of a winter storm in Texas.

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Ryan retweeted an article from Intelligencer titled “Ted Cruz Ditched His Poodle for Cancún,” which indicated that the Cruz family’s poodle was spotted in their house in the hours after news broke of their impromptu trip, and that a guard was voluntarily taking care of the family’s pet while they were away.

Ryan, however, made it seem as if the Cruz’s irresponsibly left their dog to suffer, when she tweeted: “Not only did Senator Ted Cruz & his family abandon the people of #Texas for a vacation in #Cancun during the winter crisis; but they also abandoned their dog!”

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April Ryan’s Official Tweet:

Ric Grenell lashed out at the CNN analyst soon after seeing her “garbage” tweet.

“A CNN analyst calls dog sitting abandoning your dog. I look forward to the same garbage standard applied to Democrats and CNN staffers? Grenell tweeted.

“Ryan is so so reckless,” he added.

Megyn Kelly chimed in just moments later.

We leave you with her tweet.