Chuck Schumer Shows Signs Of Bitterness Towards Trump’s SCOTUS Choices, Labels Them “Radical”

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is showing signs of bitterness towards President Donald Trump’s top choices to serve as the next Supreme Court Justice if given the opportunity to nominate one.

At his Wednesday news conference, Trump announced 20 new candidates to his list of potential Supreme Court Justices who would likely determine the future of the court and the country.

The President’s choices include Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Republican Senators Ted Cruz (TX), Tom Cotton (AR) and Josh Hawley (MO) and several respectable attorneys and judges around the country from the state and district level.

The president pointed out in his remarks on Wednesday that Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has not yet released a list of his potential picks, likely because, Trump believes the names are too radical and would alter the state of America with decisions impacting the second amendment, free speech, and religious liberty, among others.

“Unfortunately, there is a growing radical left movement that rejects the principle of equal treatment under the law,” the Commander in Chief said. “If this extreme movement is granted a majority on the Supreme Court, it will fundamentally transform America without a single vote of Congress.”

“Radical justices will erase the Second Amendment, silence political speech and require taxpayers to fund extremely late-term abortion,” he stated. “It will give unelected bureaucrats the power to destroy millions of American jobs. They will remove the words under God from the Pledge of Allegiance. They will unilaterally declare the death penalty unconstitutional, even for the most depraved mass murderers.” Continued Below

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In response, anti-Trump Democrat senator Chuck Schumer voiced his irritation upon learning of the Commander-In-Chief’s latest plan.

“The names on President Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees are exactly the types of justices the majority of Americans don’t want on the high court,” Sen. Schumer tweeted.

Moments later, Schumer wrote, “It is clear that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees would undermine every priority middle class Americans care about.”

Forty-five minutes later, Schumer capped off his frustration by tweeting: “President Trump’s radical Supreme Court nominees would continue the effort to reverse important progress America has made over the last 50 years on women’s reproductive freedom, strip away critical pre-existing condition protections, and gut labor, environmental, and civil rights.”