Don Jr. Thanks Supporters As A Banner Flies For His Father On President’s Day In Mar-A-Lago

[Image source: Donald Trump Jr. -- Facebook video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Donald Trump Jr. posted a video on President’s Day, showing that a plane flew by in Mar-a-Lago, Florida with a banner that read “We love Trump! The best is yet to come!”

“Our favorite sky-writer is back. I’m not sure 100% if he’s trolling KG (Kimberly Guilfoyle) on this one, because the new motto is an interesting one, and one that she made rather famous this summer in her RNC speech– check ’em out up there. I think you’ll appreciate this one as much as I did,” Trump Jr. said before showing the banner flying across the sky.

Donald Trump Jr. shows off the the banner in the sky and read aloud, “The best is yet to come!” adding, “The outpouring that we’re seeing is absolutely amazing. Thank you all for that, truly appreciate it.”

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Meanwhile, in West Palm Beach, Florida, hundreds of people showed their support for former President Donald Trump with Trump flags and signs on President’s Day. Continued Below

The 45th President surprised supporters, driving slowly past the crowd in a motorcade as they cheered and chanted “USA!”, “We love Trump!” 

Former President Donald Trump surprises supporters on President’s Day: