Lin Wood: “I Believe The United States Military Knows Exactly What Happened” Regarding The Nov. Election

[Image source: Lin Wood-- Telegram video screenshot].

Attorney Lin Wood released a few video clips on Telegram Sunday, where he gave some comments over a “whistleblower[‘s]” accusations, which he claims to have turned over to the Secret Service.

Wood also weighed in on Joe Biden, the 2020 November election, the military, and former President Donald Trump.

“A few comments today on the whistleblower who makes serious and credible accusations against Chief Justice John Roberts, former VP Pence, Hillary Clinton and former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein,” Lin Wood wrote.

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“Some thoughts on Isaac Kappy password and the fake Joey ‘Bribes’ Biden ‘Presidency’ to follow below,” he continued.

“I believe the United States military knows exactly what happened in this case,” Wood said regarding the November 2020 election. “I don’t think they fooled anybody. I think there was a reason President Trump executed the Executive Order [in] September of [2018], to deal with foreign interference in our national election.” Continued Below

“I think they knew the playbook. I think they caught ’em red-handed. And now it’s just a matter of time, because they have a plan. It’s just a matter of time,” he asserted.

“Now, nobody’s told me that, as a matter of fact. I connect some dots and I try to use the common sense that God gave me. And what you see in this country right now doesn’t make sense,” Mr. Wood stated. “So you try to make sense out of it, and you believe that the United States military, sworn to defend the Constution and protect the people. They’re doing’ their jobs. Trust them. Have faith. Don’t lose hope, okay?”

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“My reaction to the reality that many are losing hope. Don’t!” Mr. Wood expressed.

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