Rep. Jordan On Trump’s Acquittal: It Was A Good Day For The Constitution & For The 74 Million Americans Who Voted For Trump

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Former President Donald Trump was not the only winner when the Senate voted to acquit him in the impeachment trial on Saturday — but so were the 74 million Americans who voted for him as well as the U.S. Consition, according to Congressman Jim Jordan.

“This is a great day for the country,” Jordan told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday’s airing of Sunday Morning Futures.

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“Remember what they were trying to do…They were trying to cancel the guy that 74 million Americans voted for because they didn’t want him to be on the ballot — have a chance to be on the ballot in 2024,” Rep. Jordan said.

“And they were so obsessed with this — going after the President — that they were willing to go after the Constitution, willing to ignore due process, willing to ignore the facts, willing to doctor evidence and willing to — at the last minute — try to call witnesses when that made absolutely no sense to do so,” he added. “So this is how focused and obsessed they’ve been. It was a good day for the country that the President was acquitted again.”

Then after laying out how Democrats unsuccessfully tried to impeach Trump by trampling on his First Amendment right to free speech, Jordan declared, “It was a good day for the Constitution and a good day for President Trump and the 74 million people who support him.” Video Below