Leo Terrell: “If I Was Joe Biden, I Would Sleep With One Eye Open, Because [Kamala Harris] Is Looking To Take Over The White House”

[Image source; Fox News video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

During Wednesday’s airing of Fox News’ “Hannity”, Civil Rights attorney and longtime Democratic commentator Leo Terrell urged former Vice President Joe Biden to “sleep with one eye open”, suggesting that Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is “looking to take over the White House”.

Kamala Harris, the politically shrewd California senator with a law enforcement background that has caused some tensions with the progressive left, was announced Tuesday as Joe Biden’s running mate, Fox News reported.

While discussing Joe Biden’s running mate, Leo Terrell said that the former vice president “needs a do over”, because Kamala Harris “gives lawyers a bad name”.

He explained: “She will say and do anything to win. And that is why you cannot believe anything out of her mouth. You saw a different Kamala Harris today at the press conference, and this was a Kamala Harris who wanted to destroy Joe Biden.”

“Let me very clear about her,” Terrell continued. “She will say things about Black lives matter. She said that today. Well Kamala, is it Black lives matter like David Dorn, the Black officer? Is it Black lives like the one in Chicago? When you say Black lives matter, is it all Black lives, or are you just saying that to appease the extremist group? That’s a situation she has to explain. If she is such a pro law and order moderate Democrat, where’s all the police unions supporting her? They’re supporting Donald Trump.”

Leo 2.0 went on to warn America about the Democrat Senator: “One last thing, she’s a nasty person. She’s mean. Look what she tried to do to Justice [Brett] Kavanaugh. And when you talk about what she’s planning to do, if I was Joe Biden, I would sleep with one eye open, because she is looking to take over the White House. She’s only in it for herself, period.” Video Below

Leo Terrell’s official remarks:

Former secret service agent Dan Bongino said that “nobody likes Kamala Harris”:

Also during the segment, Leo Terrell did a happy dance because Bongino agreed with him “for the first time” when Leo 2.0 said that Sen. Harris is “disingenuous and she needs to be exposed”, adding, “She is basically a Biden surrogate.”

Bongino responded: “I’m with Leo on this on this one. Who would’ve thought the day that I come on your show, agreeing with Leo? … What is going on here?”


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