Schiff Calls President Trump ‘The Worst President In History,’ Grenell Fires Back: “You Should Resign In Disgrace”

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Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) had a few choice words for President Donald Trump just hours before the Commander-In-Chief took the stage in Georgia for his first rally appearance since the November 3rd election.

Schiff, who is one of Trump’s most vocal critics, suggested in a tweet that the President could “care a less” about the coronavirus pandemic or the status of the economy. And he accused Trump of, instead, caring more about efforts to contest the results in battleground states where allegations of election-related fraud are coming to light.

Schiff then declared that Trump is “the worst President in history.”

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“Let’s make this clear: Donald Trump lost. By a lot,” Schiff tweeted. And in defeat, Trump could care less about a worsening pandemic and stalling economy.”

“His efforts to steal the election are a national embarrassment. Worse, they damage our democracy,” he added. “Trump is the worst president in history.” See Below

Adam Schiff’s Official Tweet

Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell fired back at Schiff after seeing his tweet, and called out the congressman for pushing the false Russian collusion narrative without any evidence for nearly all of President Trump’s term.

“You said you had intel proving Russian collusion.You said you couldn’t share it publicly but that the public should trust you. You should resign in disgrace. You completely lied – publicly,” Grenell wrote in response to Schiff. See Below

Ric Grenell Fires Back At Schiff