Biden Claims The Economy ‘Inherited’ From Trump Was ‘In Crisis’ & ‘Wasn’t Working For Working People’

[Image: 79-year-old Joe Biden -- Newsmax Twitter video screenshot.]

79-year-old Joe Biden on Wednesday claimed “the economy I inherited nearly a year ago wasn’t just in crisis, it wasn’t working for working people.”

His remarks came during a meeting with administration officials and CEO’s to discuss supply chain disruptions.

“At the end of 2021, with what one analyst described as the ‘strongest first-year economic track record of any President in the last 50 years’: nearly 6 million new jobs, a record number for a new President, because of my staff and my Cabinet; unemployment down to 4.2 percent, three years ahead of the predicted time it would take to get to that number; applicants for new small businesses up 30 percent compared to before the pandemic; and the fastest economic growth in nearly 40 years. There’s more as well,” Joe Biden said.

“Today, America is the only leading economy in the world where household incomes and the economy as a whole are stronger than they were before the pandemic, even accounting for price increases,” he alleged.

“The economy I inherited nearly a year ago wasn’t just in crisis; it wasn’t working for working people,” Biden claimed.

“And I told you that’s the reason I ran. It’s about time the middle class and working-class people got a shot,” the Democrat career-politician said. Video Below

Joe Biden’s remarks:

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