Sidney Powell Claims To Have Photos Of ‘Check Stubs’ Paid To Ballot Harvesters, Estimates 10 Million Fraudulent Votes Cast

Sidney PowellFox Video Screen Shot

Sidney Powell’s legal team apparently has “pictures of the check stubs” of payments made to those who were involved in ballot harvesting and fraudulent activity in the 2020 election.

She also estimates that as many as 10 million votes were fraudulently added to Joe Biden’s overall vote total, with “several million” of them coming from dead people.

Powell dropped the new revelations while interviewing with radio host Howie Carr just days before filing two massive lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan to contest the 2020 election results.

“We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest and do fraudulent voting,” Powell said.

Pressed on how many fraudulent votes she thinks were part of Joe Biden’s vote total, Powell replied, “Probably at least 10 Million…maybe more.”

She went on to say that her legal team estimates “several million” dead people voted in the election based on data obtained so far, which they are in the process of verifying. Video Below


Here is Sidney Powell’s full interview with Howie Carr: