Trump on Taliban Parades: ‘There Is Nothing Disabled about the Equipment That the U.S. Gave to the Taliban’

Trump, TalibanVideo Screenshots

A video circulating on social media appears to show members of the Taliban holding a parade with military equipment that was left behind when American troops withdrew from the Central Asian country.

“The Taliban are holding military parades with the equipment that Joe Biden left them,” former Nevada GOP Chair Amy Tarkanian captioned the video.

Take a Look:

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In response to the video, 45th President Donald Donald Trump called out the Biden Administration for claiming just days prior that much the military equipment left in Afghanistan has been “demilitarized” or disabled.

“There is nothing disabled about the equipment that the United States gave to the Taliban. Just more made up lies!” Trump wrote in an email to his supporters later on Tuesday.

Here is some more footage showing functional military equipment that was left in the hands of the Taliban and flaunted during the parade: