AZ Senate Leader Karen Fann Reportedly Sent Package Containing ‘Unidentified White Powder’

Karen FannRDN Video Screenshot

Arizona Senate Leader Karen Fann reportedly was sent a package containing ‘unidentified white powder’ on Wednesday.

Arizona’s Department of Public Safety is apparently investigating the incident, which comes as tension has kicked into high gear between the state’s senate and Maricopa County leaders regarding the audit that is underway.

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State Representative Warren Peterson broke the news Wednesday night on Twitter.

“The personal attacks on [Karen Fann] by some media and others is truly disturbing. If you don’t agree with the policy, disagree with it but no need to attack her personally,” Peterson wrote.

“Now this. Today someone sent an unidentified white powder to her office,” he continued. “Not OK folks. DPS is investigating.”

State Rep. Warren Peterson’s Tweets About ‘Unidentified White Powder’ Sent To Sen. Karen Fann