Levin Issues A Call To Action To All ‘Patriotic Americans’ In Wake Of The DNC: “Stand Up For Your Country Cause They’re Trying To Take It From You”

LevinFox Video Screen Shot

Mark Levin saw enough out of what’s been presented by Democrats from their platform and over the course of their four-day long Democratic National Convention to conclude that the goal of the left is ultimately to “destroy” America as we know it.

And now he his calling on all “patriotic Americans” to “stand up” because of what is now at stake.

“People need to understand, they’re going to destroy blue collar jobs, they are going to destroy assembly lines in this country,” Levin told Sean Hannity on Thursday night.

“Look at California — brownouts or blackouts — that’s exactly what’s going to happen to this country,” he added.

“Why would you take the greatest country on the Earth, the freest country on the Earth, the most magnificent country on the face of the Earth — despite all of these lies about systemic racism — and destroy it? Why would you agree to do that?” Levin asked.

“We’ve had men and women throughout our history, millions of them have given their lives to give us what we have today,” he continued. “So I’m calling on all patriotic Americans of all races, all genitalias, all colors: “Stand up for your country cause they’re trying to take it from you!” Video Below