Prior To Accepting The Nomination, Biden Gets Soundly Trolled In Delaware With Signs Galore

[Image source; Benny Johnson- Twitter video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Ahead of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivering his acceptance speech in Delaware at the Democrat National Convention, the former vice president got soundly trolled in his home state with signs galore.

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson posted videos on Twitter near the DNC convention showing  Trump supporters in Delaware and also trucks with digital videos and pictures featuring Joe Biden, which reportedly were being driven around Wilmington, Delaware ahead of Biden’s big speech.

“Creepy Joe Biden” trucks driving around in Wilmington, Delaware:

More trucks driving around outside of the DNC Convention:

Benny Johnson posted video footage of Trump supporters chanting “Hey, hey, ho-ho, Creepy Joe has got to go”.

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Johnson also showed a picture in Wilmington of a plane flying around with a banner that read: “Joe Biden is losing it. Vote Trump 2020”.

Video footage of the banner:

Meanwhile a man spotted one of the Biden trucks in Wilmington:

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