Don Jr. On Biden’s DNC Speech: “A 50-Year Swamp Creature” Who “Managed To Read A Speech On A Teleprompter”

[Image source: Fox News video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Following Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s DNC acceptance speech on Thursday, President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., reacted to the former vice president, calling him as “a 50-year swamp creature” who “managed to read a speech on a teleprompter”.

“Literally he was elected into D.C. office in his twenties. So now, half a century later, Laura, he managed to read a speech on a teleprompter,”  Don Jr. told host Laura Ingraham on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle”.

“He refuses to answer questions from the American people or journalists, he’s been hiding in a basement but now he’s gonna also change things,” Donald Trump Jr said. “I really don’t think anyone believes that. I don’t think Joe Biden’s ever been inspiring in his career, and I don’t think tonight was any different.”

“If he can read a speech on a teleprompter, you would think he would be able to get in front of the American people, you would think he would be able to do an interview with a real journalist where they’re not giving him pre-scripted answers. He’s reading the answers off of a teleprompter,” Trump Jr. continued. “You’d think he’d be able to do after half a century in Washington, D.C., but he can’t.”

He added that Biden “hasn’t done anything to deserve inspiration through a very long and very swampy career.”

“He also lied– you know, he brings back the Democrats only– their only easy button going back to the lie about Charlottesville. He talked about being tough on China. Joe, I mean, you’re gonna be tough on China now? Joe spent his entire career building China. When Joe started pushing and shilling for them to get permanent status in the World Trade Organization, China had an economy the size of the Netherlands,” Trump Jr. noted. Continued Below

The president’s son also took a swipe at the former vice president’s son Hunter Biden, whom he has offered to debate.

“He didn’t talk much about Hunter strangely enough. I wonder why,” he said. “Hunter Biden took $1.5 billion from the Chinese government. To the average person in a fund, just so you’re aware, that’s $30 million a year in fees … annual. You think Joe’s going to get tough on China now? Joe fought for NAFTA, … for TPP, all of the deals that literally destroyed the American dream. Our only export under Joe Biden’s 50 tenure has been that American dream to countries that hate our guts and have been manipulating us for decades,” Don Jr. said.

“Donald Trump’s the first guy to stand up to those people. He’s the first guy to actually get deals done, whether it be with China, whether it be a peace deal in the Middle East. Where’s Joe Biden been? You’re right. He was in control for eight years with Barack Obama. Why didn’t they do any of these things? If Joe Biden knew how to fix it anything, why didn’t he tell Barack Obama how to do it? Why didn’t he get it done? he asked. Video Below

Laura Ingraham responded, joking that “Barack Obama was keeping it secret to give to Joe for later use when he was running, you see”.

Don Jr. expressed: “Ah! That what it is. Yes. It was gonna be their secret so now after 8 years of failure, after 8 years of stagnation.”

Trump Jr. told Ingraham that he thinks Biden will try to get out of the debates with President Trump however he can.

Donald Trump Jr.’s full remarks:

Donald Trump Jr. also tweeted:

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