Leo Terrell Slams The Left For ‘Downplaying’ Protest Chaos: “Basement Joe Has Abandoned Law Enforcement”

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Civil rights attorney and longtime Democratic commentator Leo Terrell slammed cable networks and Democrat leaders for continually downplaying protest chaos that has erupted in Portland, Seattle and other cities across America.

While three federal agents have likely been permanently blinded from lasers pointed at them by Portland protesters, buildings are being destroyed, and blood is being shed amid the constant unrest, Democrats in control of such areas along with party leaders including Joe Biden, are acting as if nothing major is happening and seem as if they would rather ignore it.

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“Besides these Democratic mayors and politicians who’s lying about the severity of the lawlessness, you got two cable networks who’s also expanding the big lie and downplaying the chaos in these big cities,” Leo Terrell told Judge Jeanine on her Saturday night program.

“Let me be as clear as I can. These Democratic cities are in complete turmoil and only President Trump is trying to instill law and order,” he continued. “That’s why I’m voting for him. That’s why this Democrat, this civil rights attorney is voting for Donald Trump.”

“Basement Joe has abandoned, abandoned law enforcement,” he declared. “And what else is so significant is that the Democratic party…has been hijacked by extremist groups.”

“Black Lives Matter only cares about a few black lives — not black police officers, not black on black crime in Chicago and not a black Trump supporter who was shot,” Leo stated in reference to 60-year-old Milwaukee Trump supporter Bernell Tremmell, who was murdered in broad daylight on Thursday.

“A black Trump supporter in Milwaukee was shot in the head because he had the Trump supporter sign, — no Al Sharpton, no Black Lives Matter,” Terrell said.

“The next 100 days we have to make sure Democrats, Independents and Republicans vote for Donald Trump,” he concluded. Video Below



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We leave you with a pair of tweets Mr. Terrell posted after appearing on Judge Jeanine: