Terrence Williams Fires Back After Random Man Melts Down Over His WH Visit: “Name One Thing Joe Biden Has Done For The Black Community”

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Terrence Williams fired back after a random man on social media was triggered over a video that features the comedian shaking President Trump’s hand after speaking during a black leadership summit at the White House.

“Do ya’ll see this bullsh*t,” the man says before mocking Terrence Williams because “he love Trump.”

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The man then goes into a roughly 90-second rant, where he appears to question why Terrence would support Trump when he “ain’t done sh*t” for black people.

In response, Terrence said, “You’re right, I do love President Donald J. Trump” and he urged the man in the video to “name one thing that Joe Biden has done for the black community.”

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“The only thing [Biden] has done for black people is lock up black people. That’s the only thing Joe Biden has done,” Terrence declared.

“Black unemployment at an all-time low — Trump did that. The historic Criminal Justice Reform Act — Trump did that,” he continued. “Black poverty at an all-time low Trump did that.”

“And instead of you hating on me, instead of attacking me, you should be happy that another black man was able to be at the White House. You should be happy that a black man was able to speak on the same stage as the President. But instead, you let the hate get in the way of you being happy for another black man,” Terrence proclaimed. Video Below