Herschel Walker RIPS Members Of Congress Who Are ‘Pointing Fingers’ At Trump: ‘Stop Being Divisive’

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Ever since President Trump took the oath office, Democrats in both the House and Senate have tried everything they can to undermine his presidency and cause division in regards to his policies.

The shootings that happened over the weekend only made matters worse as members of Congress immediately blamed Trump for the tragedies, in a new effort to divide Americans and score political points for the 2020 election.

In the grand midst of Democrats’ ongoing blame game, NFL legend Herschel Walker has seen enough and took a moment to speak out on Tuesday afternoon.

Walker posted a powerful statement on Twitter that said, “Congress – repairing Black Lives Matter, the border, racism, and guns is all the presidents fault?”

“If you looked in the mirror you’d see who’s to blame,” he continued. “It’s time to come together instead of constantly seeking opportunities to create division.”

“Quit pointing fingers if you want votes.. Stop being divisive. How about working with the president to enact change instead of placing blame on him?” he ended. See Below

Herschel Walker’s Official Tweet

In ending, here’s video of Tucker Carlson discussing how the left is doing everything they can to divide America: