‘Dangerous Two-Way Street!’: Trump Warns After Democrats Publicly Release His Tax Returns

[Image: 45th President Donald Trump -- Trump White House Archived - YouTube video screenshot.]

“This is a dangerous two-way street!” 45th President Donald J. Trump warned in a statement after the House Ways and Means Committee, on Friday, publicly released a partially redacted version of his tax returns, despite trying to stop them in court.

Trump had refused to release his returns when he ran for president and had waged a legal battle to keep them secret while he was in the White House. But the Supreme Court ruled last month that he had to turn them over to the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, Chris Pandolfo at Fox News reported.

In a statement on Friday after his tax information was made public, 45th President Donald Trump wrote:

The Democrats should have never done it, the Supreme Court should have never approved it, and it’s going to lead to horrible things for so many people. The great USA divide will now grow far worse.

The Radical Left Democrats have weaponized everything, but remember, that is a dangerous two-way street! The ‘Trump’ tax returns once again show how proudly successful I have been and how I have been able to use depreciation and various other tax deductions as an incentive for creating thousands of jobs and magnificent structures and enterprises.

The financial documents cover six years of Trump’s individual returns filed jointly with his wife, Melania, including his time in the White House.

The documents also include tax forms for several of the 45th President’s business entities that were investigated by Ways and Means Democrats, a report from the Democratic majority, and a response by Republicans on the committee.

There are nearly 6,000 pages of material, including 2,700 pages of individual returns and more than 3,000 pages from Trump’s businesses. The committee voted 24 to 16 along party lines to release Trump’s tax returns last week. Democrats argued that transparency and the rule of law were at stake, while Republicans countered that the release would set a dangerous precedent with regard to the loss of privacy protections.

The Democrats’ report did not find evidence of financial crimes or illicit dealings by the Trump Organization in its tax preparation or interactions with IRS.

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