Biden Suggests he’s a ‘Poor’ Relative to African Leaders: ‘The Poor Come & They Eat Your Food Stay Longer Than They Should’

[Image: 80-year-old Joe Biden -- Twitter video screenshot.]

While making remarks to the Africa Leaders Summit he hosted in Washington, 80-year-old Joe Biden suggested he was a “poor” relative and said that poor people “come and eat your food” and “stay longer than they should” as he hinted about his intention to make a trip to the African continent.

“I’m grateful that all of you made the journey to Washington for this summit. And I’m eager to visit your continent,” he said. “As I told some of you, you invited me to your countries. I said, be careful what you wish for.”

“I may show up. The poor relatives always show up. The wealthy ones never show up. The poor come, and they eat your food — stay longer than they should,” Biden said.

“Vice President Harris is also planning to visit, as is my wife, Jill,” Biden also said.

Asked Tuesday if Biden would visit, White House Press Secretary Karine-Jean Pierre replied: “And there will be an announcement about a broad-based commitment to travel to the continent in 2023 as it relates to the President, as it relates to the Vice President, as it relates to Cabinet secretaries as well.”

But we’re just not going to get ahead of that announcement”, Daily Mail reported.

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