‘I’m the Only One in This Race That Says [Trump] Won the 2020 Election’: NC GOP Candidate Sandy Smith Issues a Message Ahead of Tuesday’s Primary

[Image: Congressional Republican candidate Sandy Smith -- Rumble video screenshot.]

Congressional Republican candidate Sandy Smith who is running for for North Carolina’s 1st District, issued a video message on Twitter ahead of Tuesday’s primary election for The Tar Heel State, outlining some of the policies she will “fight for” and telling voters that 45th President Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

According to Smith’s campaign website, she is “the unapologetic America first, pro-life, pro-guns, pro-military, freedom loving, and pro-Trump fighter”.

“I’m gonna fight for our country, election integrity, border security, protecting our guns, the unborn babies, and getting these darn gas prices down,” Smith vowed in a Twitter video message to voters.

She told voters that she supports “President Trump” adding: “And I’m the only one in this race that says he won the 2020 election”.

“I’m a conservative Republican, and I’m a fighter,” the North Carolina congressional candidate expressed. “… Election Day is this Tuesday, May 17th. Grab five of your friends, and go vote … so we can take back our country”.

Winners of the North Carolina Primary will become nominees for their political party on the General Election ballot in November. Video Below

Sandy Smith has received endorsements from the following ahead of Tuesday’s primary:

  • Roger Stone, North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance, Tom Homan (Former Director of ICE under President Trump), Jenna Ellis (Former Sr. Legal Advisor & Counsel to President Donald J. Trump), retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and Arizona State Republican Senator Wendy Rogers.
  • Kim Klacik (Republican nominee for Maryland’s 7th congressional district in both the April 2020 special election and the subsequent November 2020 election), Bishop E.W. Jackson, Ryan Fournier (Co-Founder, Students for Trump), and Cdr. Chuck Smith (Ret.).
  • Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-FL), Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem (R), and Chris Ekstrom.

Sandy Smith has also called for a comprehensive forensic audit of the 2020 election in North Carolina. She outlined the reasons why in an article written last July for the publication Big League Politics, titled: North Carolina Needs an Audit and Here’s Why.

Smith wrote in part: “The Democrat-controlled Board of Elections in North Carolina is trying to keep lawmakers from investigating the election by threatening them with lawsuits and refusing to turn over information needed for an investigation. What are they so afraid of? What are they hiding?”

“In the business world, when there’s this much evidence of fraud, you audit. Sure, you might find nothing. You might find something. But what’s certain is that you’ll be closer to the truth, whether big tech and the media think that’s inconvenient or not. Knowledge is the only way we can fix our election processes and secure the vote so that once again, North Carolina can have confidence in our election results,” the North Carolina congressional candidate said.

Smith outlined the reasons to forensically audit in North Carolina:
  • Governor Cooper Refused To Clean The Voter Rolls
  • The Democrats Enabled Potentially Massive Fraud (a Democrat-appointee judge erroneously blocking Voter ID for the 2020 election, nobody had their ID checked when they went to vote.)
  • North Carolina Voting Machines Are Woefully Insecure
  • The 2020 Election Was Subject to Unprecedented Interference

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