Sen. Kennedy: ‘If Aliens Landed Tomorrow & Said ‘Take Me to Your Leader,’ It Would Be Embarrassing’

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“Getting rid of the 60-vote threshold in the Senate, in my judgement, would be like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenage boy,” Sen. John Kennedy said while analyzing Joe Biden’s push to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate, which allows lawmakers to block legislation through unlimited debate unless 60 members move to a vote.

Biden along with other prominent Democrats, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, have recently been pressuring all senators in their party to vote in favor of removing the 60-vote procedural rule to pass major voting rights reforms with a simple majority.

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Appearing for an interview on Hannity, Kennedy went on to declare the Biden administration has “mismanaged COVID, it has mismanaged inflation, it has mismanaged the border and it has mismanaged foreign policy all in one year” and that Biden, aware of his failures, is “trying to change the subject by talking about race.”

“If aliens landed tomorrow and said ‘Take me to your leader,’ it would be embarrassing,” proclaimed Sen. Kennedy.

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