Trump Steps Off The Airplane & Rips Journalist Over Hunter’s Alleged Laptop: “You’re A Criminal For Not Reporting It”

TrumpFox Video Screen Shots

President Donald Trump tore into a journalist upon his arrival to Tucson, Arizona for a campaign rally.

After stepping off Airforce One, the President took questions from reporters and had a few choice words for one of them in particular after being asked why he continues to call Joe Biden a “criminal” in wake of the current scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop.

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White House correspondent Jeff Mason of Rueters asked President Trump, “Your campaign strategy seems to be to call Joe Biden a criminal. Why is that?”

“He is a criminal,” Trump responded. “He got caught. Read his laptop. And you know who who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it.”

“You are a criminal for not reporting it,” he reiterated while pointing at the journalist. “Let me tell you something, Joe Biden is a criminal and he’s been a criminal for a long time. And you’re a criminal and the media is criminal for not reporting it.” Video Below