McCarthy Rips Biden over His GA Speech: ‘So Self-Serving & Out of Touch That Even Stacey Abrams Kept Her Distance’

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Joe Biden on Wednesday over a speech delivered in Georgia a day earlier to advocate voting rights legislation. The rhetoric used in Biden’s address ultimately fueled bipartisan criticism.

As reported by The Hill, “During his speech, Biden called for the Senate to pass several pieces of legislation, including the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, while endorsing changes to the Senate filibuster in order to advance the bills… [Biden] put pressure on lawmakers who have opposed making changes to the Senate rules, suggesting they had a choice to side either with advocates for voting rights or historical figures who backed segregation and the Confederacy.”

Former gubernatorial Stacy Abrams failed to attend Biden’s speech in her home state due to a “scheduling issue” — a move that 45th President Trump called “an embarrassment.”

Rep. McCarthy later scolded Biden in the House chamber over his “self-serving” speech, also mentioning Abrams’ noticeable absence.

“Disrupted learning means we are leaving behind a generation of struggling students. It might be the single-most destructive policy imposed on our children in centuries. The negative consequences could last a lifetime,” McCarthy said. “The only question we have now is, ‘How do we save our kids from more disruption to their education and the days and weeks to come.”

“The President of the United States could have gone to Chicago or any other of the 5,400 schools that started off this year closed to send a clear signal that kids belong in a classroom.  Instead, he was in Atlanta yesterday delivering a speech that was so self-serving and out of touch that even Stacey Abrams kept her distance.” Video Below