Chad Pergram: DC Sources Speculate Congress Is on Verge of ‘Process to Confirm a Vacancy for the Vice President’

Chad Pergram, KamalaFox Video Screenshot, Forbes Video Screenshot

Fox News’ Capitol Hill correspondent Chad Pergram reported on Tuesday that his D.C. insiders are speculating Congress could be on the verge of starting the confirmation process of a new Vice President.

The rumor comes in wake “devastating hit pieces” against Harris unleashed by “lefty reporters at CNN, Politico and the Washington Post” as Kamala’s approval rating continues to sink to new lows.

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Appearing on Jesse Watters’ program, Chad Pergram stated as follows:

I got a message from someone who knows Capitol Hill very well and they suggested I should familiarize myself with the process to confirm a vacancy for the Vice President in the Senate and in the House.

To be clear this is not something… to say that something is afoot here. I always do my homework, especially about process. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, who served under President Ford, was the last Vice President confirmed by Congress. The Senate and House must confirm a Vice President. Video Below