Schiff Says Rep. Greene Is ‘Probably The Least Constructive Member of Congress’, MTG Fires Back

Schiff, MTGThe Hill Video Screenshot, CNN Video Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene fired back at Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff after the Californian politician suggested Greene is “the least constructive member of Congress.”

“[Rep. Greene] says what she does to get attention,” Schiff is heard saying in a video clip uploaded to Twitter by The Hill. “She’s probably the least constructive member of Congress, to put it lightly.”


In response, Rep. Greene blasted Schiff over the millions of dollars spent while he served on “witch hunt committees” that investigated the “Russian hoax” when Donald Trump was President.

“.@AdamSchiff I’m thinking about a bill that makes lying members pay back tax dollars, like the $32 million your Russia hoax lies cost, when they get caught lying in witch-hunt committees,” Rep. Greene tweeted. “Talk about constructive.”

“Majority will be so much fun,” she concluded.

Rep. MTG Fires Back at Adam Schiff