Rep. Jordan: “It’s Tough To Unify When You’re Trying To Impeach A President Who Has Already Left”

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Joe Biden has a lot of proving to do before Congressman Jim Jordan believes that the 46th President was sincere when calling for Americans to unite during his inaugural speech on Wednesday.

“What I really hope is that they start to demonstrate some of the actions that will put real substance to this call for unity that we heard from the President — President Biden on Wednesday,” Rep. Jordan told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

So far, however, Jordan is not optimistic that unity is even possible as long as the effort to impeach President Trump is still on the table.

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“[Joe Biden] said some good things in his inaugural speech, but I tell you…it’s tough to unify when you’re trying to impeach a president who has already left,” Jordan said. “It’s tough to unify when the cancel culture is telling half the nation, ‘You aren’t allowed to speak.’ It’s tough to unify when there’s a double standard — one set of rules for President Trump and his family, and one set of rules for Joe Biden and his family.”

“If Joe Biden would say to the cancel culture, ‘Stop it! Let’s have a real debate in this country like we’re supposed to under our First Amendment under our Constitution’ — that would go a long way, but I haven’t seen that yet,” he concluded. Video Below